Increase in Population Causing Tension Between Homeowners and Realtors

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In urban areas where dense populations are becoming more noticeable, there are new dilemmas to resolve in regards to interactions between homeowners, real estate agents, and the law. As people begin to migrate towards these urban centers, we can assume that they will be in need of living accommodations. Depending on the socioeconomic status of the individual they could purchase property, agree to a lease on a property, or take other means necessary to have a living space they can call their own. Shelter is an essential need for humans and has a direct result on our psychology and interactions with society.

Shelter, a basic human need for survival, is becoming increasingly difficult to procure in urban centers of the population around the world. The massive influx of residents to these urban settings is due in part to the threat of globalization and commercialization. Cities have modern comforts, reliable transportation networks, and connection to international economic centers. Organizations such as the World Health Organization and many others are responsible for being aware of the dangers of growths in urbanization. The WHO released in 2014 studies that urban populations make up approximately 54% of the world’s population. This figure is expected to grow in the coming years leading up to 2025 at a rate of about 1.84% annually. The increasing desire among people to live in the major cities around the world is unprecedented territory as it relates to the implications of massive amounts of cohabitating human beings.

As a direct result of the increase in population many realtors, or other negotiators for living arrangements, have started facing repercussions for some of their previously employed business techniques. If a realtor is abusing their position or acting unethically, they should be pursued for their failure to adhere to business law. While the masses continue to arrive in the apartments and blocks of our cities, it will be essential for citizens to remain aware of their rights when they plan on starting a life in these towns.

To summarize, globalization is one of the core reasons for overgrowth in populations for urban areas. Because of the massive influx of people moving to cities many realtors are experiencing more clients than before. Typically they also have to provide speed with their services as most people moving to a new area depend on quick procedures for ease of mind. Fraudulent methods have been utilized by realtors before, but they still attempt to deceive clients on the notions that people are paying less attention to things that affect them or their investments. These illusions used by realtors are illegal and have no place in building our cities. Innovational practices geared towards inclusion and communities broadening to accommodate the diverse face of America are necessary for cities to remain as spaces for diverse cohabitation.  It is the duty of the masses to stand against the unethical abuse of power from realtors and other officials who govern what human can reside in specific locations.

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